A quick PSA: James Stokoe’s put up a new 6-page Orc Stain short story for you to read, over at his website, titled Stork Stain. As you may be able to guess, it details, documentary-style, how orcs come into being, complete with cutaway penis diagrams. If you’re an Orc Stain fan waiting for new material, I imagine this will be very welcome- I believe it was originally intended to be published in the back of issue #8, but there was no room (I mean, I believe this because it’s what Stokoe told me). I really love the white, clean backgrounds- really lets the art breathe and shine. But yeah, if your day was missing dicks- there you go; never say I didn’t do anything for you.

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Starved Rock, 2014: banh mi and freezing cold water.

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andyisthebomb said: Do you have a store?


I have a storefront for my webcomic leveL: http://society6.com/nateswinehart

But not a personal store :X  Is there anything people would like to see offered?  I would absolutely set one up if folks were interested!

I would totally, totally purchase a poster-sized copy of your latest “being good to each other is important” comic, or of your comic “jump.” 

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Jump. - Nate Swinehart

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The Art of Spirited Away

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Never Too Late


Here is a comic that Rebecca wrote (and I drew) for Heart Farts, an anthology with badgigi that will debut next week at spx!




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When I Switch Over to Unemployment, This is the Advice I’ll Need

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.


Don’t get confused or anything, you’re happy as hell that you put your two week’s notice in. You’re bored. You’re restless. You needed change two months ago. But hoooooooly shit you have a lot in front of you. You need an apartment (in a different city). You need a job. You don’t even know what kind of job you really want. Default position: the service industry. Ideal-ish positions? Copywriting: uh, that could be an alright fit given your desire to do something with ~*writing*~ for work, but it could suck. Consulting: you’ve got a knack for hearing people out and burying yourself in research. But what kind of qualifications do you have? You never studied marketing or business. You might even hate the marketing world and the business world. You’re not even sure. Advertisements on Facebook piss you off. Advertisements on your smartphone piss you off. Who the hell would hire a kid who hates the very industry he’s applying to be a part of? And what’s to say that you would even like churning out copy for companies pushing flimsy products in a bullshit, superficial, consumption-laden society? What’s to say that you’d like examining and re-upholstering inadequate, skeletal business models? What if you wind up being irredeemably miserable in these fields?

Okay, okay, let’s cool it down. Obviously the corporate world isn’t perfect, but it’s not entirely shit. There are “good” products and there are “bad” products. Beer for example, is a “good” product. You love beer! Zombie Dust, Delirium Tremens, Game of Thrones-inspired red ales, chocolate-spice Dogfishhead brews, Oktoberfest, Spotted Cow—so many beers! Those are all products, and they’re products you *like.* (We haven’t even gotten to whiskey or cocktails yet.) Furthermore, you’ve connected with enough awesome people to know that cultivating a passion for a person can translate into having a passion for the product they sell. Cars don’t mean much to you. Neither do sports. But now you know you would jump at the chance to write for OJ’s website to promote his auto shop: he’s a kickass dude and he runs a kickass outfit; you love helping the people you care about. And when you spend an hour in the gym, you can see the Friday night lights flashing in the eyes of the high school football players who show up to Dick’s gym every day as they work to get stronger, to break out of their shells, carving out moments between sets to modestly announce their teenage victories or quietly vent their young dilemmas. These things are compelling because you’ve allowed yourself to truly invest in something else. When you let the subject drive you, you’re not gonna spit out swill. It’ll be alright. You don’t totally suck.

So get yourself a subject. Write about it. Write in the daytime (but also at night if you really have to). Make sure you edit the ever-living-fuck out of it. Get someone else to look at it and aim to impress the ever-living fuck out of them. When the writing checks out, focus on building a portfolio. Take your time. Go to different sorts of places to think of different sorts of pieces. You want something accessible and cohesive. If the writing isn’t better than widely read garbage like Thought Catalog, then you have failed (fuck Thought Catalog).

In the meantime, lob puff pieces at Thought Catalog. It can’t hurt to get your name out there, and I’m sure the people who write for Thought Catalog are super nice (fuuuuuck Thought Catalog). And write more in other cyber-spots too! While you’re unemployed you’ll have lots of time to write on niche forums (for no reward!). Or maybe you can find other sites to write for. And maybe they’ll even pay you some money! (Note: you should ask some of your friends about this sort of thing—some of them have been doing it for quite a while.) You should definitely acquaint yourself with the common types of blog posts so that you can master their pathetic formulas. List-posts? Any fool can count to a specific number below 30! Clickbait headlines? This young man decided to leap blindly into unemployment—check out these obvious mistakes his stupid ass failed to avoid! How-to’s? These are the steps you should take in order to hide your porn cache from the people who need to just very briefly use your laptop for the purpose of showing you some viral video you likely won’t remember a couple days from now.

And look for jobs with with companies that have a heart. You don’t *have* to get a job as some kind of “writer,” and it doesn’t even have to be a dream job. It’s okay to get your foot in the door, to stumble into something else and find out that you like it. Just make sure that it’ll offer you room to grow, the chance to develop skills you don’t have, a decent social life, a professional network, or at the very least, a check to cover the bills. You don’t have to save the whole fucking planet with a career. It’s okay to work in something sort of soulless. Just don’t be soulless.

Products can be engaging. You can write when you’re engaged. Wanting to write demands you to put yourself out there. Putting yourself out there will be your new occupation until someone else offers you an occupation. Don’t fret too much; you’re not the first idiot to leave behind something with the promise of nothing. Call it an “adventure” if that will make you feel alright. Do you remember the first time you saw the ending of the Sopranos? Just get used to the idea of life being as disappointing and confusing as that blank screen. If you can power through that, then you’ve prepared yourself as best you can. 

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Being good to each other is so important, guys.


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make this happen hollywood

Do it

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on the street .. Harajuku - Original Layered, Mai Awatsu / あわつまいちゃんの着こなしの広さの秘密は、天性のレイヤード -
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